Letter from the Editor:

AFTER ABOUT five months in hospital, I am finally beginning to see the future which I hope will bring me back into the real world. My mind is fine, though lacking memory to the extent that i fail to recognise authorship of things that I wrote mere months ago. My hearing is almost useless without hearing aids; my sight is restricted to an area than begins about one inch to the right and stretches to about three inches to the left if I keep my head still. This means that when I read, I have to move my head at least once to read every line which is unfortunately not fast enough to read a subtitle before it is replaced by the one that follows it.

Fortunately I have written at least 500 columns since I went online and surprisingly many of them seem to be relatively timeless so that they remain readable even a couple of years later. I still cannot write legiby without a computer and on this only very slowly. But I will respond to anybody who writes to me and my friend David will continue to fill this space weekly with golden oldies.

—Blessed be, John Wilcock, Sept. 12, 2014

“Are not there little chapters in everybody’s life, that seem to be nothing, and yet affect all the rest of the history?”
—William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair


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